Accessible e-Learning

There is no one way to learn - there never was. Accessible e-Learning enables learning through touch, vision, hearing and thought.

Our Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusion

Our core mission is to develop WCAG AA compliant e-Learning content for all learners including those who rely on assistive technology. For this purpose, we harness the power of Lectora® as our tool of choice. We demonstrate our dedication to accessibility and an ongoing commitment to share best practices through the Lectora Accessibility User Group

My Accessibility Story

When I was a child, I often pondered this thought: if I were to lose one of my senses, which would I choose – hearing or vision? The decision remained elusive, and I eventually gave up on these imaginings because the choice was simply too tough to make.

As a working adult, my career in Training & Development (T&D) evolved from classroom coordination to online training and I was eventually presented with the opportunity to develop accessible e-Learning. This time, the choice was clear, and my journey began… since then, creating accessible e-Learning has become my passion and my choice.

I have been fortunate in that (so far) I have not lost either my hearing or vision; somehow, I think I’ve always known deep down inside — my senses are not guaranteed for life. This is what drives me to use the skills I’ve acquired through both education and practice — to try to make a positive difference.

Christine O’Malley,
Founder, Lectora Accessibility User Group (LAUG)
President, e-Learning Designs, Inc.

Where are you on your accessibility Journey?

Perhaps you’ve encountered a sea of information on creating accessible e-Learning, and find it difficult to know what of this information is reliable and accurate. I did too! 

In my case, I saw the need for a community where like-minded individuals could connect, share their story, their experiences, and seek answers to their questions. This vision was the inspiration behind the Lectora Accessibility User Group (LAUG).

If you are new to developing accessible e-Learning with Lectora, and wish to participate in a collaborative group of like-minded developers, I invite you to join the LAUG