Christine with short brown hair

Hi, I’m Christine O’Malley and I am an Instructional Designer and Lectora Developer who specializes in e-Learning. 

I’ve been an independent consultant, working virtually since 2007 – My company is e-Learning Designs, Inc., established in 2007, I am self-registered through the Small Business Association (SBA) as a woman-owned business and listed on SAM.gov as an Active vendor.

My formal education is in Web Programming but mostly I’m self-taught. I’ve honed my skills as an instructional designer over a period of 20+ years and dozens of client projects.

I can write your audio and video scripts, handle quick edits to audio or video, ensure your content is aesthetically pleasing by giving it just the right graphic design touch, and develop it in a way that it is intuitive to navigate, and interactive to a level that is appropriate to meet your training objectives.

Yes, I’m ‘Old School’… my Training & Development career began in 1989 when I had the good fortune of being hired as a Training Assistant for Unocal Chemicals – back when classroom-based training was the norm. That single opportunity has evolved into a full-time career as an e-Learning professional and independent consultant after 10 years working in T&D for Baxter Healthcare and 2 years at Hospira. 

What I value most about the experience I gained in Corporate America is a foundation in effective training standards, and an efficiency in preparing training materials that are detailed, logical, consistent, and reader-focused

Essentially, laying the groundwork for becoming an effective Instructional Designer!