Sample 1: Effective Communications

About this project...

Our objective was to shorten lengthy classroom sessions by transforming a five-part course into a blended learning solution; part self-paced and part live class.

The newly designed interactive, self-paced modules are pre-work for the live class and lay the groundwork for informed group discussions, breakout sessions, and practice activities during the live class. 

We worked closely with the primary SME to identify which elements of the course best fit the self-paced method, align the learning objectives for each module to its respective delivery method, and ensure the overall content was complete and accurate. 

The audience for the Supervisor Development Program are supervisors who are new to managing or leading others. The courses consists of five key areas of learning to assist supervisors in becoming better prepared to manage effectively in the workplace. 

These five learning areas are,

  1. Leadership Styles
  2. Effective Communications
  3. Leading Others
  4. Interviewing Skills
  5. Performance Management

The Effective Communications module depicted in this portfolio, incorporates short scenarios and corresponding knowledge checks to showcase both successful and unsuccessful forms of communication. This design enables learners to analyze and evaluate different approaches, and encourage critical thinking & problem-solving skills. It also includes interactive segments and activities on the Importance of Listening, Essential Listening Skills, Communicating Your Message, and Active & Reflective Listening. 

Once the e-Learning and classroom components are completed for all five modules, new supervisors are equipped with the tools they need to supervise effectively in the workplace

The analysis summary document...

The ISD process included documenting the objectives for each portion of the blended learning solution. 

A look at the project deliverable...

There are 18 snapshots in this sample from the Effective Communications module. 

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