Sample 2: Client-Centered Care in the Family Planning Setting

About this project...

Our objective was to transform an instructor-led classroom presentation (PowerPoint) into a self-paced, interactive e-Learning Module (published to SCORM).

We worked closely with our client on all aspects of this project, from understanding their visual design preferences, sharing  prototypes of our vision for converting static content into engaging activities, ensuring the new design supported the accuracy of the content, and testing and publishing the final product. 

The audience for Client-Centered Care in the Family Planning Setting is health care providers and educators, with a focus on best practice.

The self-paced e-Learning module includes:

  • Information to increase cultural awareness 
  • An activity to gain insight to one’s own potential bias
  • Student activities designed to increase awareness of three communication techniques:
    1. OARS communication Model
    2. Information Sandwich
    3. PATH Framework
  • Two video demonstrations of the PATH Framework in action
  • An interactive review of the 5 Principles of Client Centered Care
  • A user-friendly list of course resources

Before the redesign...

This is a sampling of the screens in the original 92 slide deck that was used to transform this course from a classroom presentation into an interactive e-Learning experience…

After the redesign...

Here are 20 screens from the interactive e-Learning course. 

Hovering over a snapshot will pause the presentation.