Sample 3: Foundational Training for Substance Use Disorders

About this project...

Our objective was to develop an online module that serves as an assessment for previous classroom instruction.

The online assessment is formatted as 25 knowledge check questions interspersed between 3 simulation videos, each with specific success criteria for proceeding to the next section of the assessment, a recap at the end of each section, and detailed feedback with the option to review the video in its entirety. 

We worked closely with University staff to meet specific grant requirements related to template design, navigation restrictions, success criteria for completion, and content reviews.

The audience for Foundational Training for Substance Use Disorders are dental students in the U.S. Dental School practice setting. 

The objective of the module is for dental students to learn the skills needed to identify and be able to intervene when unhealthy substance use among dental patients is recognized.  The method of intervention taught in the module is SBIRT:

  • Screening
  • Brief Intervention, and
  • Referral to Treatment

Once the classroom and e-Learning module are successfully completed, students are able to recognize unhealthy substance use among dental patients and subsequently apply SBIRT. 

A look at the project deliverable...

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